"The stand means this- Sometimes i have to step out even when it's obvious that no one else is going to."

*Jeffery Dean*

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Never give up on faith even when times are rough, keep your head up. We will always be tempted and we will always fall. But God is faithful and will provide a way of escape. He will set you free of guilt and give you HOPE. He is filled with unfailing LOVE."

*From the wise and loving words of a very close friend*

I hope that as you read this, you too can make a connection to a time where a friend has lifted you up and helped you along. As christians we need people in our lives that we know will always have something positive to say, that can pray with us and for us, that know things about us that no one else does and helps us overcome things with words such as these, reminding us that God is the answer to ALL our struggles. I also hope that you can find that one person in your life who maybe is friendless and lonely, who has little hope, and who needs someone in their life to comfort them and show them the love of Jesus Christ!

*Matthew 17:20,Romans 5:8,Romans 8:37-39,
1 John 4:9-12,John 15:12-13*

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